The Moth in St. Paul

Are you in Minnesota?

Are you in St. Paul or Minneapolis or the environs?

Do you like to listen to stories?

Do you like cheese curds?

Do you love cheese curds?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then here is some important news that’s tangentially related to cheese curds:

I’ll be doing The Moth on November 7 in St. Paul. It’ll be at the Fitzgerald Theater, which I’m told seats 1000, which means WHAT I am PEEING ALL OVER MYSELF RIGHT NOW. From fear. Not from, you know, just needing to pee and being too lazy to walk to the bathroom or whatever.

I will be eating cheese curds. The first time I had them I was visiting my friend Rhena in Minneapolis and I thought, dude cheese curds are awesome, how was there a cheese product that I’d NEVER had before? It was a crazy discovery-slash-revelation.

True story: Cheese curds are hard to get in NYC.
You know what’s also hard to get in NYC? Ebola. Unless you’re eating someone’s vomit, which you aren’t, because you’re too busy eating pizza, then you will be ebola free.

So to sum it up: The Moth in St. Paul on Friday, Nov. 7. No to ebola, yes to cheese curds.

See you there!

  1. Debora says: November 3, 20141:06 pm

    I live in St Paul and I have my Moth tickets. I am so psyched. We should all bring you cheese curds.

    • annie says: November 3, 20141:39 pm

      YESSSS! Debora come find me and say hi! No need for cheese curds just want to give you a giant hug!!!!! And also omg I’m so nervous.

  2. Jess Hopeman says: November 7, 20142:19 pm

    I’m so excited!

  3. LC says: August 11, 201511:56 pm

    You haven’t blogged for a while…!
    Recently, I was thinking that I haven’t read your blog for a while and that I should really get on to it. Today, I started reading your blogs and had a de ja vu that I have read this before with all that scandanavian candies. Checked the posted date and was like holy shit – ’twas like posted in dinasour years.
    Glad I haven’t missed much here :-)

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