Breaking News: You Love MSG

I have a piece posted in Open City, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop online magazine dedicated to all things culturey and New Yorky. It’s an open letter–Surprise!–to MSG, which is your favorite flavor-enhancing food additive. It’s my favorite flavor-enhancer too! Look how much we have in common! This is why we’re friends.


If you want to know what my favorite MSG-laced snacks are (because obviously you do), I’ve listed them, just like Buzzfeed, except not like Buzzfeed because there are no images of “cats who just can’t right now” or quizzes about who your 90s celebrity soulmate is based on what cheesecake you like best. I hate cheesecake, which is strange because I love cheese.

So these are the greatest ways to get flavor into your bellyspace:

1. Doritos. Because Doritos.
2. Chex Mix. Which has 60% less fat than potato chips, but 120% more flavor.
3. Tomato Pretz. Does not taste like tomato. (And Salad Pretz also does not taste like salad.)
4. Nori Maki Arare. Leaves a horrible aftertaste, which is why you have to keep eating them forever.
5. Vegetable dumplings/wontons/gyoza/mandu/flavorbags/Asian hot pockets. The frozen ones are loaded with gourmet powder. The ones I buy are “green vegetable” flavor.

And here is a picture of a cat who just can’t right now.


She’s on my backpack.

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