I meant to post this earlier. But if any of you are in the Los Angeles area and wonder, hmm if there was only a place where I could get a sunless tan and also a flu shot… Well, hit me up because I have a great recommendation. The bad news is that it’s in the VALLEY. But the bonus is that it’s ONE STOP SHOPPING.

Next door you can find a place where you can get a colonic, a knitting class, and get your dog groomed. Note that “dog grooming” is not code for anything. JK. It is total code for a handjob shack. OH SHIT ANNIE PLEASE BEHAVE.

  1. jon says: July 12, 201110:51 am

    I’m in LA but don’t need any of those services this week….unless they also have a Notary and Taco Plate Special.

    Speaking of one stop shopping I’m looking forward to “Carmageddon” this weekend.

  2. annie says: July 12, 201111:16 am

    I wish I was there for CARMAGEDDON. I love it when L.A. implodes.

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