Homie in Minnesota

A Homie with his pooch, a real-life Homie Hoodz Houndz, go to Minnesota to live with RT. When I think about Minnesota, only one thing comes to mind.

That’s right. Snow. Lots of effing snow. Snow up the butt and out the wazoo. RT takes Homie and the pooch to work. This means having to walk through the effing snow. Note that these pictures were taken in APRIL but that there’s still so much effing snow. Also RT is really slow about giving me pictures, almost as slow as me putting them up.

RT, Homie, and the pooch wait for the bus. In the effing snow. Because that is what you do in Minnesota. Homie complains that it’s cold. Pooch complains that it’s cold. RT says, crap you guys, will you stop the complaining. It’s April, we have at least two more months before this stuff melts and then it’ll be really nice for like a week, and then it’ll start snowing again. Because it’s Minnesota. Suck it up. Homie tries to shank RT but she isnt’ having any of it.

While waiting for the bus in the snow, they read the paper. This is some kind of tribune. They learn about the news. It’s mostly bad news.

They go on the bus. In Minneosta, dogs and Homies are allowed on the bus. I didn’t know that either, pretty aweosme right? Very liberal.

They go to work, but work is work. Let’s skip to the good stuff.

I’ve had a long day at work, says Homie, beers on me! RT says thank you.

I’ve had a long day too, says RT, another round!

Homie, the pooch, and RT play foosball. Because that is what you do when you drink. You do things like play foosball. Actually, foosball and beer go well together, just like Starsky and Hutch. Or Crockett and Tubbs. Or Tango and Cash. Or Turner and Hooch. Or your mom and my jock. HA HA HA.

We’ve come to that part of the evening when you play Buck Hunter. On Bowling Day at the office a co-worker was playing and he was OUTRAGED that you weren’t allowed to shoot does. “Since when did THAT happen?” I was like, dude stop yelling you are harshing my mellow.

OK, thanks RT!

  1. Aura says: May 15, 20086:23 pm

    Haha!!! I was so bummed the other day when i commented that Rhena totally got off the hook on your shout-down entry, and then you posted like tons of shit right away and the shout-down entry went down, down, down the page where I couldn’t see it without scrolling for a million years. But now I have the perfect opportunity to say it again: RT you TOTALLY got off easy by not getting a shout-down. I don’t care how much damn snow there is, you found the time to come to NY and smoke hookah pipes with us, you can find the time to read Annie’s blog. Show some support, lady!! What kind of class president are you? Oh, also, I miss you. Fuck Minnesota. Fuck Kansas too (yes, you heard me right, Smarsh).

  2. Ramon says: May 16, 20082:56 am

    That’s what i’m talking a-boot ‘eh! Oh wait, canadians talk like that, what does that minnesotian accent sound like? Was that fargo? Crap, all the snow confuses me…

  3. FLY says: May 16, 20088:14 am

    i should be second on the homie blog list now…

  4. Rhena says: May 16, 20083:00 pm

    There is so much smack talk on this so-called blog. I DID get a shout down and then I pointed out that I do read this blog all the time, but I comment so late that it all gets lost. Plus I wear an invisibility cloak. Choias got that Homie post up right quick. I thought it was going to be forever. It’s like 74 and sunny in Minneapolis right now, but I still feel a little cold.

  5. annie says: May 19, 20082:18 pm

    Aura: I know, it’s only AFTER I call her ass out she feels bad. Damn you RT! DAMN YOU!

    Ramon: Fargo was in North Dakota. The capital of ND is Bismark. The capital of SD is Pierre. I am totally rocking the third grade knowledge.

    Fly: Just to spite you I will not be posting your pics.

    RT: I only put you ahead of the queue because I was afraid if I waited any longer your photos would go up in June and that would look really stupid to have snow pictures in June. This Homies thing has really turned into a beast.

  6. Rhena says: May 19, 20089:03 pm

    You put me in the front of the queue because that’s where I belong. Mostly because I say things like “queue.”

  7. FLY says: May 21, 20083:09 am


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